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A New Path to Recovery
  • I can walk without pain again!
    Before coming to ReGen Medical Dallas, I had a constant tingling and numbing sensation in my toes and the balls of my feet felt like I was walking on rocks. Simply walking would drain my energy and it was hard just to have enough stamina to do my work.  Even when I was sleeping, just the sheets rubbing against my feet hurt so much. When my husband learned about high intensity laser therapy and its success with treating peripheral neuropathy, we decided that we’d give it a try at ReGen Medical Dallas and see if it could help. I couldn’t believe it. My first treatment, I felt instant relief. Just 15 minutes of laser therapy on each foot with Dr. Stokes and I was able to walk again without pain! I had a sense of hope that I might actually begin to have that energetic spring in my step again.  Over the next several visits, I learned that the laser therapy was allowing for the regeneration of those nerves in my feet. Importantly to me, during my trip to Colorado I got to breathe the fresh mountain air on long walks without feeling those rocks in the balls in my feet. I would highly recommend anyone who has dealt with this kind of debilitating nerve pain to consider trying this incredible treatment.

    - Jan W

  • Thank you ReGen Medical Dallas!

    I had been dealing with radiating neck pain for several months. It had progressed to the point that my left thumb was constantly numb. Unfortunately, I have experienced little to no relief using traditional treatment methods. However, after just one treatment at ReGen Medical Dallas, I can finally say that I am feeling better! In just a few minutes, I started to regain feeling in my thumb! I was truly amazed at how effective the MyACT treatment is. Thank you Dr. Duncan, you have made a believer out of me!

    - Clinton D.

  • Back to doing what I want, when I want!

    My back injury many years ago had made it incredibly difficult to get out of bed each day. Even walking short distances was almost impossible without a whole lot of pain. I had resorted to relying on pain medication for years just to be barely functional, and still avoided many activities. Since I got treated by ReGen Medical Dallas, I don’t feel limited in what I can do anymore, and it’s like the injury never happened. ReGen Medical Dallas has given me back my life. Thank you so much, Dr. Stokes!

    - Rose-Marie R.

  • ReGen Medical Dallas fixed my TMJ
    I have suffered from TMJ for years. At times, the pain was so intense—and my jaw’s range of motion so limited—that I couldn’t even bite into a sandwich. I simply became accustomed to daily pain and discomfort. But ReGen Medical Dallas's laser therapy has finally given me the relief I never thought possible and the best part is I never had to deal with surgery, medication, or any sort of costly treatments. Thank you, ReGen Medical Dallas and thank you Dr. Stokes!

    - Katie

  • ReGen Medical Dallas helped my career
    My life has dramatically improved since my treatments at ReGen Medical Dallas. I have Scoliosis, and it really made it hard to stand for long periods of time without constant, severe back pain. Since I am in higher education and must stand for long periods in front of large groups of students to deliver lectures, it was hurting my career. But then after being treated by ReGen Medical Dallas’s fantastic technology, my scoliosis doesn’t affect my ability to work, and I can finally live without constant back pain.

    - Darrell C.

  • ReGen Medical Dallas has let me take my life back!

    I have been on pain medication for over 45 years due to sports injuries and auto accidents. For almost 20 years straight, I would get a 90-minute deep tissue massage every week just to be able to walk. Alongside my musculoskeletal problems, I also had Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and had difficulty focusing and thinking clearly.  To top it all off, my spine has been mostly fused and I've been plagued with severe nerve damage, neuropathy, diabetes. Since being treated by ReGen Medical Dallas, I have significantly reduced my prescriptions and rarely if ever get massages, I am no longer living under a brain fog and am able to think and speak so much clearer while processing information quicker. The best part is that I can walk swiftly and easily-- I no longer feel like I am walking on marbles with hot dry aching feet. I've regained almost all of my range of motion and have ended my years of living with chronic pain and have even been able to avoid surgeries for painful rotator cuff issues.  ReGen Medical Dallas has TRULY allowed me to take my life back and has VERY significantly reduced my overall medical costs.

    - Larry R.