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Dallas Sports Injuries Treatment

Regular or strenuous exercise can cause wear and tear on joints, muscles, bones, and have far-reaching consequences from neck pain, to back pain, even to nerve damage. Common symptoms of sports injuries are bursitis, inflammation, soreness, tired muscles, and chronic pain or fatigue, with many, many other conditions stemming from the rigor we put on our bodies through exercise. ReGen Medical Dallas identifies and treats sports injuries to get you back on the field or the gym without missing a beat.

Sports injuries usually cause lingering pain in the areas that are being overworked: shoulder pain, elbow pain, leg pain, back pain. The problem comes when the lingering pain goes overlooked and we keep on harming our body. The tissue doesn’t have the time to repair itself and so the problem persists and gets worse. Using a process known as biophotomodulation alongside other technological innovations at ReGen Medical Dallas, we can supercharge the healing process and get your body’s natural recovery on track and on schedule so that you can keep on doing what you love.

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By using the non-invasive, cost-effective treatments at ReGen Medical Dallas, treating conditions like bursitis, plantar fasciitis, muscle soreness/fatigue, inflammation, and minor injuries like muscle spasms, sprains, or pulled muscles is simple and easy. We use state-of-the-art technology used by most major sports teams to ensure that you receive top-level, non-invasive treatments and can get back on the field or in the gym with confidence and strength.

Common causes of pain from sports injuries usually revolve around weightlifting, endurance training, or other high intensity workouts. Usually a muscle group or joint is overworked and the rigor and stress put it out of commission, with sharp, shooting pain or even just lingering fatigue. The body needs to heal itself, and ReGen Medical Dallas can help it do its job. We speed up and enhance that natural recovery process through non-invasive technologies to quickly and easily restore strength, balance, and energy. No drugs, no surgeries, no injections.

If you’ve ever had to deal with lingering pain from old sports injuries, feeling powerless to address it is as frustrating as it is painful. Sometimes the body’s natural healing process gets hung up, and an old football injury becomes a constant pain later in life, or a small joint injury in your shoulder turns into a constant nagging pain years later. Sometimes the body was never able to resolve inflammation and you’ve learned to just live with constant pain. However, through technology from ReGen Medical Dallas like High Intensity Laser Therapy or Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy, you can finally fight back and begin recovery.

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