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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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Plantar Fasciitis is a common cause of foot pain. The condition results from inflammation of the "fascia", which is the thick band of tissue at the bottom of the foot that runs from the toes to your heel. The heel pain is constant, usually hurting all day as you walk on it, but we find it often gets even worse in the morning or after sitting for a long time. Ignoring plantar fasciitis or foregoing treatment may cause chronic heel pain that can cause foot, knee, hip, or back conditions. ReGen Medical specializes in foot pain treatment with the most advanced technologies.

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At ReGen Medical Dallas, we use the most up-to-date treatment technologies, like Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT) to quickly treat the root cause of plantar fasciitis. We strive to provide quick, effective relief from foot pain and inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis. Our goal is to have you leave our clinic walking better, but more importantly we want you feeling better. We also incorporate some of our other revolutionary technology, like High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) and Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

What is MyACT?

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What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

The condition is very common in runners, overweight individuals, and those who frequently wear shoes with inadequate support. While these are the most common risk factors, in many cases, there is no identifiable cause. You may also be at risk of plantar fasciitis if you naturally have very flat feet or a high arch, because of the way weight is distributed while you’re standing.

Why Choose ReGen Medical Dallas?

At ReGen Medical Dallas, we can treat foot pain and plantar fasciitis fast, all without the need to resort to drugs, surgery, injections, or steroids. We utilize non-invasive, cost-effective treatments, including HILT and Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT). We have a proven track record for helping patients heal, and many experience immediate relief from plantar fasciitis after their first treatment.

If you’re experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis, or a similar pain in your foot, our skilled team at ReGen Medical Dallas can help you achieve much-needed relief. Our goal is to quickly get to the root of the problem and treat it without the need for invasive, costly treatments. With our revolutionary technology we use, we can help your body heal itself rather than simply masking your pain.

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