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Find Out How ReGen Neuropathy Stimulus Protocol (RNSP) provides pain-less living.

Peripheral neuropathy is a painful condition that cannot be reversed, only managed and slowed down. This condition affects the nerves that are found outside of the brain and spine. It can be caused by injuries, infections, or metabolism problems. The most common cause is diabetes.

Pain from peripheral neuropathy feels like a stabbing, burning, or tingling feeling. While peripheral neuropathy cannot be “cured” many patients can experience significant pain-less days of living due to RNSP propriety treatment. High intensity laser therapy is an exciting new technology that offers tremendous results. Research has shown that therapeutic use of lasers targets the pain at the source and help patients find relief.

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The Science of Laser Therapy

Lasers serve many purposes in medicine. They can be used to make precise surgical incisions, treat cancer, destroy diseased tissue, or perform dental procedures. Their application in pain management and regenerative medicine involves stimulating blood circulation.

Blood plays a critical role in the healing process. It carries oxygen and platelets which are essential for helping the body repair itself.

Damaged nerves that receive oxygen and blood will be in less distress and weaken the pain signals. This will not completely cure the damaged nerves, but it will greatly reduce the rate of deterioration and greatly improve your overall comfort.

Managing Peripheral Neuropathy

Laser therapy can significantly improve your quality of life, but there are other things you can do to manage peripheral neuropathy. Anything you can do to slow down the progression of nerve damage will benefit you in the long run.

The following are some strategies for managing peripheral neuropathy

  • Manage the underlying condition. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused and made worse by diabetes, arthritis, infections, and more. Treating these conditions will help.
  • Build a safe, personalized exercise routine with your doctor. Physical activity can improve your overall condition.
  • Avoid overdrinking and/or smoking.
  • Avoid repetitive motions, cramped positions, and bad posture.

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