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Inflammation and “Brain Fog”

The University of Birmingham recently released a study conducted on the link between inflammation and mental sluggishness, sometimes called “brain fog”. The results were quite clear that acute inflammation impairs mental performance, even in young college-aged males (the sample in the study). This comes on the heels of a study revealing the benefits of anti-inflammation efforts in treating mental issues like depression

Inflammation is caused by many, many things and can be extremely harmful to the body and your lifestyle. Inflammation is a natural and sometimes beneficial reaction to some amount of trauma. It can help ward off infections, cause increased circulation to a spot, things like that. Common causes include illness, injury, and obesity but there are also many others. The problem comes when inflammation doesn’t go away. Any amount of inflammation, as the University of Birmingham pointed out, can impair mental performance. For those with chronic inflammation, such as from obesity or from untreated (or unhealed) injuries or illnesses, the negative effects of inflammation never truly go away, and the pain sticks around alongside the "brain fog".

To treat inflammation, we here at ReGen Medical Dallas target the source. In cases of chronic inflammation of a joint, for example, we are able to use High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILTto stimulate production of Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) inside the cells through biophotomodulation in a specific area. This produces an analgesic (pain-relieving) effect as the body rushes to repair the spot using its newly-produced ATP. The typical patient will feel the effects very quickly as the spot receives increased circulation, and the inflammation goes down. In the same way we treat localized inflammation, we are also able to treat many other conditions, even muscle soreness.

When you receive a treatment from ReGen Medical Dallas, we work with you to determine how best to handle your unique conditions. We do not offer medication, surgery, or injections. We only use our biomedical technology to prompt the body’s own natural healing process to resolve the issues you face, including localized inflammation. Whether it’s inflammation that just never went away or something else entirely, ReGen Medical Dallas offers a technological solution to help your body get back in order and reduce your pain and inflammation without using medication, surgery, or injections.