Laser Therapy on foot

How Laser Therapy started and what it can do

Laser Therapy and Photobiomodulation -- How can a shining light help me?

Why does ReGen Medical Dallas use laser therapy?

At ReGen Medical Dallas we use High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT). HILT is a more powerful variant of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that is only possible now with modern technological innovation. Both HILT and LLLT utilize a process known as “photobiomodulation” to affect the body. “Photo” means light, “bio” means life, and “modulation” means change. Together, it’s light changing life.

Historically, research into the effects of photobiomodulation have principally been done with LLLT technology. By engaging the cell’s natural systems and stimulating production of ATP, the older technology was able to produce impressive results. This is the evidential basis by which ReGen Medical Dallas decided to launch our laser therapy protocols. We know that a weaker laser (sometimes 50x weaker than our laser technology) is able to produce results that astound patients and practitioners alike, so we are able to treat our patients in confidence with our high intensity laser therapy whether it's arthritis, neuropathy, or other chronic conditions that LLLT has been demonstrated to be effective in treating.

In short, since we know how LLLT works and what it can do we can reliably treat conditions like neuropathy and arthritis with HILT.

How did it start?

As with many fantastic technologies, it was by accident. A researcher in the late 1960s was attempting to repeat an experiment done by his peer with a different “level” of laser technology. In his attempt, he noticed that with his lower level of laser technology, his experiment failed to produce the same results as his peer. He did notice, however, that the subjects of his experiment demonstrated heightened rates of hair growth and faster wound healing. From that point, 50 years of research into the phenomenon of photobiomodulation has continued.

What does it do for me now?

We use evidence-based science to restrict treatment only to conditions we know it works on, like inflammation, swelling, and edema. We know that photobiomodulation causes your arteries and certain parts of the lymphatic system to dilate, or increase in size. This process is known as vasodilation. This allows for greater circulation, leading to anti-inflammatory response, lymphatic drainage, and other cellular response factors closely associated with the desired effect of reducing inflammation/swelling.

We know it has uses on recovering from sports injuries. In fact, most major sports franchises in the United States rely on photobiomodulation as a part of their recovery protocol for athletes. They are an essential aspect of a warm-up routine, as well as for rehabilitation. Common uses for HILT/LLLT are to treat, through photobiomodulation, plantar fasciitis, various muscular sprains, and other sports-related injuries.

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